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How to Deal with Disrespectful Coaches

Ever had enough of a coach yelling and screaming at you? Especially when the coach has no clue what he/she is screaming about. Well this is how you handle that coach.

Just remember this word: ATE

A IS FOR ASK. Ask the coach to please stop the verbal attack or comments.

If he/she continues then take the following action:

T IS FOR TELL. Tell the coach to stop the verbal attack or comments immediately.

If he/she continues then take this final action:

E IS FOR EJECT THE COACH TO THE PARKING LOT. Tell the coach he/she has one minute to leave the immediate area and he/she is not to have contact with the team until after the game. Don't forget to complete the misconduct report on the game form and or team roster and turn it in to the referee assignor.
If the Coach refuses to leave collect the ball and report to the referee assignor. GAME OVER.


To all Referees: Do not tolerate Dissent or Abuse from a coach or spectators. You are in charge of the game without question. You are authorized to take the following actions without asking anyone: Expel the coach from the game to the parking lot. Do not re-start the game until the coach has left the vicinity of the field, the coach may not have any contact with the team until the game is finished or if you have a coach or spectator that is giving you problems and you feel you need help, stop the game, collect the ball, find a senior referee and ask for help. The Lawton Soccer Club and The Southwest Oklahoma Soccer Referee Association have a joint zero tolerance policy for this type of negative coach or spectator behavior.

Remember if you eject a coach for Referee Abuse or Assault you must report the incident to OSA.

File your report to OSA here

Free E-mail Account For SWOK Soccer Referees

If you are interested in a free e-mail service the SWOK Soccer Referee Association provide a free e-mail service to you. The will help you keep in touch with other referee and your friends. Please contact Mando at 580 695-3602


USSF Code of Ethics

  1. That I shall always maintain the utmost respect for the game of soccer.
  2. That I will conduct myself honorably at all times and maintain the dignity of my position.
  3. That I shall always honor a contractual obligation.
  4. That I will endeavor to attend local meetings and clinics so as best to know the Laws of the Game and their proper interpretations.
  5. That I will always strive to achieve maximum teamwork with my fellow referees.
  6. That I shall be loyal to my fellow referees, and never knowingly promote criticism of them.
  7. That I shall be in good physical condition so as to be in the right place at the right time.
  8. That I will control the players effectively by being courteous and considerate without sacrificing firmness.
  9. That I shall do my utmost to assist my fellow officials to better themselves and their work.
  10. That I shall not make statements about any game except to clarify an interpretation of the Laws of the Game.
  11. That I consider it a privilege to be a part of the United States Soccer Federation and I will strive to make my actions reflect credit upon that organization and its affiliates.

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Aug. 20-21 Referee 09 Clinic
Sep. 17 2011 Fall Soccer Season Starts
Nov. 19 Referee Re-certification Clinic
Dec. 3 Referee Re-certification Clinic